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Binyod can help you with both

On-premise & Cloud VoIP

VOIP is a methodology that uses technology to allow users to make voice calls and share multimedia sessions over the Internet. It is an integration of software and hardware that gives you the ability to voice calls and video conferences using the internet service subscribed.

VOIP can be set up on-premise or on Cloud. On-premise, as the name suggests, will have the hardware and software for the system to work in the office or business location. This option is usually preferred by a business that can afford the cost to install and maintain the requisite hardware.

Cloud VOIP, on the other hand, has all the technology housed in the cloud. So the business would just need the minimal hardware to utilize the service. People can also use their desktop/ laptop to make calls and utilize VOIP services.

Binyod can help you with both the solution. Depending on business size and utilization, we can suggest which solution would be most suitable for you. Our team of experts monitors the system to make sure that you don’t have downtime and communication devices are available to support and advance your business.

If you are considering using VOIP or if you want to understand the cost and effectiveness, give us a call or fill the form on the right.

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