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Binyod provides expert IT solutions to companies of all sizes and across industries. Our mission is to help businesses increase productivity by streamlining IT through our innovative solutions and maximizes our client’s profitability.

Information Technology is integral to every business, its integration, management and upkeep can be time and resource consuming for businesses across industries. Managing technology can be a full time responsibility, shifting attention and resources from core business activities. Partnering with Binyod to manage and implement IT saves you and your business the stress and hassle, so you can focus on your business.

Based in Houston, TX, Binyod offers a variety of technology services for businesses in education and medical industries, focusing on unique computing, networking applications.
Our managed IT services allow for our business clients to focus on their core business, through our cloud computing services, Binyod helps companies achieve their goals through providing streamlined information management. In combination with our other IT services, Data migration, network security, we are able to offer the full suite of technology services to companies of all sizes.

Binyod provides leading technology and software products. Our expertise leads us to provide the best technology available in the market. Our relationship with our vendors and expertise allow for us to negotiate the best pricing for our clients, allowing us to provide solutions that fit within your budget.


The BinYod team is comprised of Project Managers, system analysts, CISCO certified network engineers, web developers and Desktop Support Technicians.
Our staff is at the forefront of technology, and maintain the highest level of technology and security certifications, providing the expertise your business can trust. Every project we undertake is managed by technicians specialized in that field. Our experts have years of experience working in a variety of industries, to offer your business an IT solution within your budget. Our engineers design the best possible solution for your business and can diagnose, implement, and maintain your system.

This is another reason why it is beneficial to partner with Binyod. Hiring an in-house system administrator limits access to a knowledge base. But with Binyod, you get access to a team of experts from various fields. Every work or project we undertake is handled by technicians specialized in that particular field. The engineers design the best possible solution for your business and implement it in a cost-effective way.


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